Lapchi Trek

Lapchi Trekking Trekking Typ: Camping

Trek Duration: ( 14-18 Days) Kathmandu -Kathmandu

Max-Altitude: 3730m

Best Season : April June and September- November

Lapchi located in Rolwaling region along the border of Nepal and Tibet. Lapchi is an opportunity to explore the least visited isolated and exciting secreted corners of Nepal. Lapchi is famous pilgrimage of Buddhist where the famous Tibetan Yogi Milarepa Meditated there, There are many Milarepa’s cave, which overlooks the entrance to the hidden valley of Lapchi Gang, Milarepa performed many miracles in Lhapchi and left behind sacred marks such as his footprints. Lapchi area is protected by the Gaurishankar conservation area require GCA special permit and TIMS for Trekking in Lapchi kang. Milarepa is not only Buddhist yogi but also a poet, singer an ancient Tibetan magician also. Lapchi region is the sacred destination in the Himalayas after kailsh and Tsari. According to Tibetan Buddhist and Hindus ancient literature, there are three holy Mountains in the Jambudvipa, 1. Mount Kailash 2. Mount Labchi Kang and 3. Mount Tsari. These are the core power places or the paramount spiritual mountains not only of Buddhist, but also for Hindus. Holy Lapchi Mountain situated in the eastern part of Nepal, at a height of about 4,850 meters. explore the mount lapchi Kang once in life time.

Hermitage, there are varieties of cave hermitages in Lapchi. The trail following Tama Koshi river passing through dense bamboo and cloud forest to a remote areas of Lapchi Kang under the unclimbed rock spire of Ama Bamare and the awesome rock face of Cookur. Pilgrim’s offerings of decorated stones along the path and sweet-smelling herbs and wildflowers growing all around make this a place of great peace and beauty. The cave itself is kept as a shrine by two monks, guarding a statue of Milarepa enclosed in a glass case. In the cave is an impression in the rock attributed to Milarepa’s sitting meditation posture and a handprint said to have been created when Milarepa helped rechungpa his student, use a boulder to prop up the ceiling. There are images of Milarepa, Tsongkhapa, and Shridevi ,a protectress whose mule is said to have left a footprint in the stone when she visited Milarepa in a vision.